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Material design

Support on material design according to client's specification.

Material tests according to different standards in order to validate the client specification, as rheometic studies, mechanical tests and thermal tests.

Advanced Material, as composites, natural composites and polymeric reinforced with nanoparticles for non-usual applications.

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Product Development

Working together with our clients from initial ideia until tool design.

Experties in Computed Aided Design, namely plastic and composites part design. Mould design in different materials, as silicone, polymer and aluminium.

Experties in Computed Aided Engineering, namely mechanical simulations, fluid dynamics, and thermal simulations. Mould design assisted by filling simulations.

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Part production

Supporting initial market tests with functional prototyping or pre-series production.

Capacities to series production namely small to medium volumes.

Complete post-production services, namely finishing needs ( paint, in-mould solutions), assembling and packing.