MICE is an acronym of MICE-Molds and Injected Components Engineering SA

We are a Portuguese 100% company, with production in Portugal and, whenever possible, relying on a network of local suppliers.

When in doubt, we advise you to use GPS and select Mice-Molds as your destination.

We will be delighted to welcome you. Contact us by phone or email and we will arrange the visit.


Ao realizar o pedido de a equipa Mice espera receber o modelo 3d, em step, iges, stl ou parasolid. Outras extensões poderão ser usadas, no entanto deve informar previamente. Além das informações relativa às quantidades, precisão geométrica e funcionalidade.

Yes, however Mice's answer does not guarantee that it is competitive in this scenario

The type of finish available is natural, pigmented or painted. For more information, see the finishing table.

Generally, and depending on the size of the mould, it can be between 6 to 8 weeks, plus 2 weeks to fine-tune the production.

We have a set of materials, which are in our technologies section

Yes, we have specialists who can support the customer and help him choose the one that best suits his project.

Sim, é so pedir um orçamento. Tentamos responder em 24h.