Nowadays, the personalization of products assumes a certain degree of importance in the consumer's decision-making moment. Customizing a product allows you to captivate the target audience and improve the user experience, as well as offer value to your products and, consequently, to the brand.

Injection Molding is used in various sectors such as industrial equipment, buses, railways, furniture, among many others that need customized products to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In order to respond to the different needs of customers, customized Injection Molding appears. This consists of manufacturing plastic components using custom design specifications. In this type of custom molding, the mold is made for a specific purpose. The customer chooses plastic characteristics such as hardness and flexibility, heat and cold tolerance and color.

In this way, RIM Injection Molding allows the customization of products. This technique offers the molding flexibility and design freedom needed to produce parts.

Custom Housings

How can the final product differentiate itself from competitors through customization?

  • Rigidity and flexibility;
  • Heat/cold tolerance;
  • Color;
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance;
  • Texture;
  • Laser or ink engraving.

MICE offers custom molding services in a variety of colors, for example, which are combined with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, stiffness, impact strength and heat resistance.

To find out more about MICE's custom molding services and how they can help solve your toughest plastics challenges, please contact us.

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