The world of plastics was revolutionized with the emergence of Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), contrary to traditional Injection Molding. Although it is just a word that distinguishes them, there are numerous differences between the two types of processes.

The Reaction Injection Molding process appears only in 1960 in Germany, and in comparison with other older processes, we realize that through this process we can obtain products with a level of stiffness bigger.

Another curious point about Reaction Injection Molding is its versatility. We can obtain products, solid or hollow, rigid or flexible. Its size can also vary, as well as the thickness or even the shape.

This versatility attracts countless designers.

Did you know that most product designers consider RIM technology in their product manufacturing options?

MICE manages to provide the necessary support to designers in prototyping a product, which becomes a decisive moment in choosing to launch a product on the market.

The prototyping phase allows customers to select the most effective components and materials, identify errors and find the best solutions for products.

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